St. Joseph March 19

The Church always honors St. Joseph with Mary and Jesus, specially during the Christmas season. Let us imitate the purity, humility, the spirit of prayer, and meditation of St. Joseph.

Death brings to other saints their rest;

Through toil they win the victor’s place; —

Thou, happier, like the angels blest,

Alive hast seen God face to face.

— Vespers, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
By two wings is man lifted above earthly things, viz., by simplicity and purity.
The Scriptures make one single statement regarding the character of this great, great saint, “Joseph was a just man.” Few people knew him, and even they spoke of him only as the carpenter. Do you see what it all comes to again? Nothing matters except what God thinks of us.
Pray for three graces from St. Joseph every day of your life: Personal love for Jesus and Mary, union with God in your daily work, a happy death.

Help us, Joseph, in our daily strife

E’er to live a good and holy life.