St. Julia — Virgin, Martyr May 23

St. Julia was a noble virgin, who was sold into slavery. Her master treated her with the greatest kindness, and Julia, on her part, served the household with the utmost care. Her master took her to Gaul on one of his voyages. She was captured by a pagan and upon refusing to give up her Faith, she was tortured and hung on a cross till she expired.

Come, O My chosen one, and I will establish My throne in thee for the King hath greatly desired thy beauty. — First Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
Let me love Thee more than myself, and myself only for Thee, and all others in Thee, who truly love Thee, as the law of love commandeth, which shineth forth from Thee.
Though of noble origin, Julia was sold as a slave. Resigned to her lot, she proved so faithful that her master trusted and allowed her every liberty in the practice of her Faith.
You see how philosophic the saints were; if they met with an accident that deprived them of one hand, they were grateful it was not a foot they had lost, etc. If it rains when you had planned a baseball game or a hike, be grateful it was not a tornado.
For them that love God, all things work together unto good.