St. Juliana Falconieri — Virgin June 19

At the age of 15 St. Juliana became a nun. Her life was an unbroken prayer in this that she walked always in the presence of God. She was visited in her last hour by angels in the form of doves, and Jesus Himself crowned her with a garland of flowers.

Come, O My chosen one, and I will establish My throne in thee, for the King hath greatly desired thy beauty. — First Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
Learn now to despise all things, that then thou mayst freely go to Christ.
How wonderful to have this saint of the Blessed Sacrament during the month of the Sacred Heart. Love and youthful enthusiasm are in the air during this month. Watch for the delightful list of young men and women who seem to cluster about the object of their love.
Think of the Sacred Heart as of the heart of one who knows every longing of the human heart, who has felt himself every pang of the human soul, who knows what it means to be lonely, to feel slighted, to be forgotten, to meet with ingratitude.
Son (daughter) give Me thy heart.