St. Julius — Pope April 12

Like so many other popes at that time, St. Julius labored all his lifetime to exterminate heresy. He struggled against the Arians despite their threats against his life.

Thy Martyr, he ran all valiantly o’er

A highway of blood for the prize Thou hast given.

— First Vespers

The Imitation of Christ
Such a one is conqueror of himself, and lord of the world, the friend of Christ, and an heir of heaven.
Like many of the early bishops, St. Julius fought a constant battle for the Faith against the Arians in 352.
Do you get a thrill when you think that you are a member of a family that dates back to 352 and even back to the first century? And, oh, to have our Lady for mother, Christ for brother, God for father, and heaven for home! As you walk about today, keep saying prayers of thanksgiving in your heart all the while.
My soul doth magnify the Lord. — Magnificat