St. June of St. Facundus — Confessor June 12

St. John was favored by the Holy Ghost with a marvelous gift for peacemaking. He distributed his rich revenues among the poor and devoted his time to works of charity, to prayer, and to the contemplation of divine wisdom.

O God, the author of peace, and lover of charity, Who didst adorn blessed John Thy Confessor, with a wonderful grade for reconciling those at variance; grant by his merits and intercession, that, being established in Thy charity, we may not by any temptations be separated from Thee. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Peace, therefore, is not in the heart of the carnal man, nor in the man who is devoted to outward things, but in the fervent and spiritual man.
St. John had a special gift for making peace among his neighbors. He became an Augustinian monk later to prepare himself to meet his Master.
We are told so often to prepare for death, that we scarcely hear it any more. But there is no second chance, as we all know.
Blessed is that servant who, when the Master calls, is found watching.