St. Laurence — Martyr August 10

St. Laurence was the chief among the seven deacons of the Roman Church. One of his duties was to administer the possesions of the Church, whose revenues he distributed among the poor. Called upon to deliver these riches to the emperor, he asked for three days’ time. After three days he had assembled many of the poor of Rome. These he presented to the emperor as the real treasures of the Church.

The levite Laurence wrought a good work, who by the Sign of the Cross restored sight to the blind, and gave the treasures of the Church unto the poor. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Put thy whole trust in God, and let Him be thy fear and thy love. He will answer for thee, and will graciously do for thee as shall be best.
St. Laurence was martyred by being roasted over a slow fire. His jovial spirit remained with him in his pains. To his tormentors he said: “I am roasted enough on one side; you may turn me over.”
Can you smile and remain cheerful in the midst of physical pain? It may take more heroism to be gracious when one’s head is “splitting” than to fast on bread and water.
The cross is a ladder to heaven.