St. Leander — Bishop February 27

St. Leander, Bishop of Seville, was instrumental in making Spain Catholic instead of Arian. After the king had killed his eldest son and banished Leander, he was filled with remorse. He placed his son Recared in the care of the saint. Recared soon became a Catholic and converted the whole nation of the Visigoths.

My truth and My mercy shall be with him: and in My Name shall his horn be exalted. — Offertory

The Imitation of Christ
If thou wilt possess a blessed life, despise this present life. If thou wilt be exalted in heaven, humble thyself in this world.
Struggling under very great difficulty, St. Leander did what he could till God should see fit to come to his aid. This latter came to reward his patient waiting and he accomplished much good before his holy death.
The story is told of an old lady whom the weather always suited regardless of what kind. When it was hot, she said “This is fine for my rheumatism”; when it was wet she said “This is fine for ducks and sailors”; so she always saw good in it. Do the same.
Whichever way the wind doth blow, some heart is glad to have it so.