St. Leo the Great April 11

When the terrible Attila, “the Scourge of God,” was at the gate of Rome, St. Leo went out to meet him and prevailed upon him to turn back. Attila later admitted that he saw two venerable personages on each side of the Pope and impressed by these, he had withdrawn.

He hath made him a blessing unto all nations, and hath estab lished His covenant upon his head. — Second Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
In all this, I beseech Thee, let Thy hand govern and teach me, that I may in no way exceed.
When this Pope read his message at the general council, the assembled bishops cried out in one voice “Peter has spoken through Leo.”
Do you readily acknowledge greatness in others? Do you like to hear others praised? Do you ever want to say some unkind thing when you hear another praised? When someone else is praised in your presence, are you quite willing to add another favorable compliment? Search out your mode of thinking under this head today.
Lord that I may know Thee; that I may know me; that I love Thee and despise myself. — St. Augustine