St. Leocadia — Virgin and Martyr December 9

St. Leocadia was a native of Toledo in Spain. Because she refused to deny her faith, she was thrown into prison. When she heard of the martyrdom of her friend, St. Eulalia, she prayed to die. God heard her prayer. There are three churches in Toledo that bear her name.

Double the palm of triumph which she beareth,

Strove she to vanquish woman’s fear of death:

Quelled now the hand of death and hell appeareth

Her feet beneath.

— First Vespers, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
It is a fearful thing to die; perhaps it will be still more dangerous to live longer. Blessed is the man that hath the hour of his death continually before his eyes, and daily putteth himself in order for death.
Today you have another example of a young woman who had the courage of her convictions. When the persecutors thought to frighten her by torture, they found there was nothing [that] could terrify this Christian but sin.
There is nothing in the world that is real misfortune except sin. All other things that seem misfortune end in less than a hundred years mostly. Sin and its consequences last through life and may extend into eternity. Think about it.
Nothing is worth doing wrong for. — Nancy, in “Silas Marner!"