St. Louis — King and Confessor August 25

Though King of France and a valiant Crusader, St. Louis led the life of a religious. He knew no fear but the fear of offending God. With his arms crossed and lying on a bed of ashes he gave his soul back to his Maker.

O God, Who hast made Thy blessed confessor Louis to be a wonder of earth and a glory of heaven; do Thou we beseech Thee, set him up as the defender of Thy Church. — Postcommunion

The Imitation of Christ
If thou hadst a good conscience, thou wouldst not much fear death. It were better to shun sin than to fly death.
St. Louis introduced in his chapel the devout practice of genuflecting at the words in the Credo: Homo factus est. This custom was shortly after adopted by the whole Church.
Do you always make the genuflection at the Incarnatus est remembering what you are doing. Our Lord once said to St. Gertrude; “When a man genuflects at these words and gives thanks for My Holy Incarnation, I, in turn, bend toward him and offer to My Eternal Father all the merits of My Sacred Humanity to increase his eternal happiness.”