St. Marcellinus — Bishop April 20

St. Marcellinus preached the Gospel with great success in the neighborhood of the Alps. By his example as well as by his earnest words he won many of the heathens for Christ. Burning with zeal for the glory of God, he sent Vincent and Domninus to preach the Faith in those parts he could not reach.

This is he who wrought great wonders before God, and the whole earth is full of his teaching. May he pray for all people, that their sins may be forgiven unto them! — Sixth Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
Consider each thing as flowing from the Sovereign Good and therefore all must be returned to Me, as to their origin.
Are you amused at the variety of names of the different saints? Just as varied as the names, are the saints themselves. You see, they were people just like ourselves, and no two of us are just alike either, nor will we be alike when we are finished saints.
A saint? One who does his duty as God wishes him do it. A saint may be a farmer, student, druggist, clown in a circus, teacher, priest, Sister, hermit, merchant, lawyer, ferryman, cobbler, policeman, fireman, anything. One thing — to do his duty as well as he reasonably can for God.

I would be a saint. — St. Scholastica

Will it. — St. Benedict’s answer