St. Marcellus — Pope and Martyr January 16

St. Marcellus reigned during the troublesome days of the persecution of the Christians by Maxentius. For nine months this Pope was in the power of the tyrant who ill-treated him and made him do the work of slaves. Rescued by the Christians and kept in concealment for some time, he was again seized and put to a lingering death.

The enemy shall have no advantage over him, nor the son of iniquity have power to hurt him. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
It is a great honor, a great glory, to serve Thee, and to despise all things for Thee.
Get a copy of the life of this saint today and read it; you will find it interesting to note in what peculiar fashion he earned his Heavenly crown, though he had been a Pope.
A few days ago, you were given as slogan to “Be a fool for Christ’s sake.” This saint was. Shakespeare told us that we mortals are fools all, and we know it anyway, so let us be Christ’s fools, and do our daily “stunts” for Him; He pays us with heaven for our service, regardless of our awkwardness, if only we have wanted to do well, and tried to.
Take my heart, Lord; who but You would want it, knowing it as You do? — Mother Loyola’s Communion Prayer