St. Margaret — Queen of Sctoland June 10

Filled with the fear of God, St. Margaret brought the king, her husband, to a better life and her subjects to more Christian morals. She brought up her eight children with such piety that several became religious. Her charity toward her neighbor was admirable. She was called the mother of orphans.

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchantman, seeking goodly pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price gave up all that he had and bought it. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Happy they who penetrate into internal things, and endeavor to prepare themselves more and more by daily exercises for the receiving of heavenly secrets.
Another charming queen like St. Clotilda, St. Margaret, was the mother of eight children, several of whom became very holy. She was loved by her subjects whom she inspired to a good life by her own lovely example. The last six months of her life were spent in intense suffering, which purified from the least stain her beautiful soul.
There are members of your class whom you yourself consider quite holy; why not you?
If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.