St. Mark — Evangelist April 25

St. Mark, the disciple of St. Peter, is one of the four Evangelists, who wrote, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, an abridgement of the life of Jesus. His narration begins with the mission of St. John the Baptist whose voice was heard in the desert; he is represented with a lion at his feet.

O God, Who didst exalt blessed Mark, Thy evangelist, by the grace of preaching the Gospel, grant, we beseech Thee, that we ever profit by his erudition, and be defended by his prayer — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Thanks be to Thee, O Lord Jesus, Light of eternal Light, for the table of Holy Doctrine, which Thou hast ministered to us Thy servants, the Prophets and Apostles, and other teachers.
Did you see the picture “King of Kings”? Then you remember the little boy whom our Lord cured of lameness. St. Mark was a disciple of St. Peter and his Gospel is really a record of the facts which he learned from St. Peter.
How ready are you to help further an enterprise which you yourself have not initiated. Suppose a member of your class suggests “Let us get up a program for our English period on this or that author” are you tempted to say to somebody else “So-and-so does love to order us around” or do you go right to work and say “Fine! What can I do?”
The dog in the manger could not eat the hay himself, but neither would he allow the horse to have it.