St. Mary Magdalen — Penitent July 22

Mary Magdalen was a sinner. From the depths of her degradation she raised her eyes to Jesus with sorrow, hope, and love. From Jesus’ own lips she heard the words of forgiveness. She became His faithful follower and stood at the foot of the Cross, the representative of the many who have been forgiven much.

I have done judgment and justice, O Lord, let not the proud calumniate me; I was directed to all Thy commandments; I have hated all wicked ways. — Communion

The Imitation of Christ
There is one thing that keepeth many back from spiritual progress, and from fervor of amendment; namely, a dread of the difficulty or of the labor that is necessary in the struggle.
St. Mary Magdalen made her mistakes but much was forgiven her because she loved much. What a lesson and what a comfort her example is for us.
Our falls should be an occasion for greater merit for us. They prove to us how weak we are. Let us be humble as Mary Magdalen was, make an act of perfect love of God and much will also be forgiven us.
The cry of the humble pierces the clouds.