St. Mary of Egypt April 9

Mary of Egypt was a public sinner for seventeen years. She went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and with the crowd was about to enter the church where the True Cross was kept. An invisible force prevented her from entering. Touched by the grace of God, she admitted her sinfulness, entered the wilderness and did penance.

Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain; a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. — Prime, Chapter

The Imitation of Christ
To be without Jesus is a grievous hell; to be with Jesus a sweet paradise.
When still quite young, Mary left her father’s home that she might live a life of sin without restraint. At a festive celebration held in a certain church, Mary wished to enter the church with the rest but was held back. The realization of her sinfulness dawned upon her and she lived a strict life of penance to her death.
Mary of Egypt was converted by turning in prayer to our Lady. Our Blessed Mother never forsakes anyone who has recourse to her, and when turning to her in prayer, strive to live as our holy Mother would have us live. If you have not adopted the practice already, make it a life’s habit to say the Hail Mary three times each day.
Blessed is he that watcheth daily at My gates.