St. Nemesion — Martyr December 19

St. Nemesion was an Egyptian. Accused of being a Christian, he was inhumanly tortured, but no mere physical pain could deprive him of the heavenly joy that shone on his face; a joy that astonished both judge and executioner.

Lord, Thou hast set upon us the light of Thy countenance. Thou hast put gladness into my heart. — Matins, Psalm 4

The Imitation of Christ
And he who neither desireth to please nor feareth to displease men shall enjoy much peace.
Third Great Antiphon: O Root of Jesse who standest for a sign of the people before whom kings shall keep silence, and unto whom the Gentiles shall make their supplication, come to deliver us and tarry not.
Read that antiphon again, and then picture to yourself Him for Whom the nations yearned coming to His people, born — in a stable.
Behold thy King cometh to thee, lowly.