St. Norbert — Bishop and Confessor June 6

Called to a life of perfection by an extraordinary dispensation of God, St. Norbert chose a retreat in a desert spot called Premontre and founded there the order that bears his name. He governed his religious family, which, before his death, numbered one thousand, with prudence and zeal.

Behold a high priest, who in his days pleased God: therefore the Lord assured him by an oath that He would multiply his seed among his people. Second Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
For though I burn not with so great desire as Thy specially devout servants, yet, by Thy grace, I have a desire of this same greatly inflamed desire, praying and wishing that I may be made partaker with all such fervent lovers, and be numbered in their holy company.
You certainly know the White Fathers, as they are called, because, they wear a white habit. Their real name is Premonstratensians. You will look up St. Norbert today and find the account of his institution of this Order.
You will learn of the accident that turned the tide in St Norbert’s life. Learn to see a purpose in things that seem to be accidental in your life; learn to know that God wills or permits all things for your good. If they do not work out that way, it is because you do not use them correctly.
To them that love God, all things work together unto good.