St. Oswald — Bishop February 28

Desirous of correcting the carelessness that had developed among the monks of a certain monastery, St. Oswald encouraged devotion to our Lady in a very special manner, by which means the monks soon became as fervent again, as once they had been.

Gentle was he, wise, pure, and lowly-hearted,

Sober and modest, ever foe to strife.

— Vespers

The Imitation of Christ
It is no small thing to dwell in monasteries and to live there without complaint, and to persevere faithfully even unto death.
Through devotion to our Lady, St. Oswald did the greatest service to the Church. You cannot love our Lady and lead a careless life; you must give up one or the other.
When you have special difficulties with algebra or with penmanship or with a history examination, do the best you can and ask our Lady to make the respective subject stick fast in your mind. She never forsakes those who do their own part and then call on her.
It has never been heard that anyone who fled to thy protection was left unaided. — St. Bernard