St. Pachomius — Abbot May 14

Attracted to the Christians by their charity and goodness, Pachomius, a pagan, became a Christian. Eager to live the perfect life, he became a solitary. An angel gave him a rule of life by means of which he led many in the way of perfection.

Blessed is the man that is found without blemish, and hath not gone after gold, neither hath put his trust in riches, nor in treasure. Who is he and we will call him blessed? For wonderful things hath he done in his life. — Lauds, Chapter

The Imitation of Christ
If thou aim at and seek after nothing else but the will of God and thy neighbor’s benefit, then shalt thou enjoy interior liberty.
Pachomius was a heathen who was a member of a troop of soldiers who accidentally came upon some men who, as Pachomius was told, were Christians. He inquired what the word Christian meant and became a monk, and is one of the great saints of the desert.
That was no accident that Pachomius should meet these Christians; it was God’s direct plan. So, in your life, when pleasant things happen, don’t take them for granted; know that God has put those things in your way to make you happy; when difficulties come your way, He sends those, too, to see if you love Him.
Man must be tried by fire as gold in the furnace.