St. Paternus — Bishop April 15

St. Paternus founded monasteries and built churches for the greater glory of God. Some false brethren having created a division of opinion among the bishops of the province with respect to St. Paternus, he preferred retiring rather than afford any ground for dissension.

This is the faithful and wise steward, whom the Lord setteth over His family. — Secret

The Imitation of Christ
In silence and quiet the devout soul maketh progress, and learneth the hidden things of Scripture.
Rather than cause dissension among the bishops, Paternus preferred to go into solitude.
When somebody says a certain thing happened last Tuesday when you know it was on Monday, do you keep on insisting until you have your way? Philosophize! What is the difference? In nonessentials, the wiser man always gives in. Be wise!
Saying a thing is when it is not, never makes it be.