St. Patrick — Apostle of Ireland March 17

This holy bishop put to such profit the talents he had received from God that he became the father of all his people and that Ireland has preserved for him, after 13 centuries, an ardent and tender devotion which nothing has been able to weaken. March 17 is a national day and a holyday of obligation in Ireland.

They say that it was his custom to repeat every day the whole Book of Psalms, together with songs and hymns, and 200 prayers; that he bent his knees in worship 300 times every day. — Matins, Lesson Sixth

The Imitation of Christ
Love feeleth no burden, thinketh nothing of labors, would willingly do more than it can, complaineth not of impossibility, because it conceiveth that it may and can do all things.
Some say St. Patrick was French, others that he was Scotch; but whether French or Scotch, the Irish have all reason to be proud of their patron. The important thing, however, is: Has the dear saint reason to be proud of you?
Live so that when you blush with pride at mention of St. Patrick, your neighbors need not say: “Are you a Catholic? I never knew that.” Live by your faith.
Not he that saith “Lord, Lord,” shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doth the will of My Father.