St. Paul of the Cross April 28

The 81 years of this saint’s life were modeled on the Passion of Jesus Christ. When a little boy, a heavy bench fell on his foot. He spoke of the wound as a “rose from heaven.” St Paul founded the Order of the Passionists. He died while the Passion was being read to him.

When His holy one called, the Lord heard him, and gave him peace. — Matins: First Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Then all the servants of the Cross, who in their lifetime have conformed themselves to Him that was crucified, shall come to Christ their Judge with great confidence.
The Passionist Order of priests was founded by this saint who established the Order that he might thus propagate devotion to the Passion of our Lord.
Suppose you were sentenced to be executed tomorrow at ten and somebody, a good friend of yours, offered to take your place that you might go free, could you ever forget such kindness? And suppose that friend was God? That is your case exactly; think about it today, and since you cannot really thank Him as He deserves, at least, refrain from insulting Him.
He loved me and delivered Himself up for me.