St. Paulinus — Bishop and Confessor June 22

St. Paulinus was educated with great care; his genius and eloquence, in prose and verse, were the admiration of men of his time. God drew him on the way of suffering and sorrow. He offered himself as a slave to release a poor widow’s son.

You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, being rich, He became poor for your sakes; that through His poverty you might be rich. — Epistle: St. Paul

The Imitation of Christ
Put thyself in the lowest place, and the highest shall be given thee; for the highest standeth not without the lowest.
This wealthy man had been married but with the consent of his wife, who entered a convent, he left the world, gave his earthly possessions (which were slight, after all, compared with heaven which was purchased by their sacrifice) to the poor and lived the life of a devout monk. His friends upbraided his foolishness, but their taunts did not affect him; he was satisfied that Jesus loved him.
If you wish to do good in the world, people must like you, so if you have traits that others mind very much, correct them; but when you are doing your best and things do not turn out as you would like, be satisfied that you are trying to please God; and nothing else matters.

Do your duty; that is best;

Leave unto the Lord the rest.