St. Perpetuus — Bishop April 8

St. Perpetuus had a great veneration for the saints, and respect for their relics, adorned their shrines, and enriched their churches. As Bishop of Tours he labored by zealous sermons and wholesome regulations to lead souls to virtue.

I will come into Thine house: I will worship toward Thine holy temple in Thy fear. — Second Nocturn; Psalm 5

The Imitation of Christ
I am the Rewarder of all the good, and the mighty Prover of all the devout.
The principal devotion of this saint was to the relics of the saints. He built larger the church of St. Martin to accommodate the many worshipers.
We venerate anything that George Washington ever used or touched, and rightly so. Read very carefully in your Catholic Worship the portion on Veneration of Relics; you should be well informed on such topics that you may give intelligent answers to inquiring non-Catholics.
Know you not that you are temples of the Holy Ghost?