St. Peter Canisius — Confessor and Doctor of the Church April 27

The feast of this saint was extended to the Universal Church in 1926. He was born in Holland and spent his missionary life in Germany. By his eloquent preaching, by the foundation of several colleges, by the missions intrusted to him by the Sovereign Pontiff, he stopped the progress of Protestantism and caused Catholic life to flourish.

God, Who didst strengthen blessed Peter Thy Confessor, for the defense of the Catholic Faith: grant in Thy mercy, that by his example and teaching the erring may be brought to repentance, and the minds of the faithful remain firm in the confession of the truth. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
I shall have, moreover, for my consolation and a mirror of life, Thy holy books, and above all these, Thy most holy Body for my special remedy and refuge.
St. Peter Canisius believed that Catholics would livre better and be better able to defend their Faith if they themselves knew it better. Therefore, he arranged the main truths of our faith in a system of question and answer, from which we have our present-day catechism.
Unless you know your faith and continually study it, you will not be able to answer the questions that arise in your own mind, nor those that others put to you.
The greatest need of the Church today is intelligent laymen who can explain their Faith.