St. Peter Claver September 9

St. Peter Claver was a Spanish Jesuit. After his ordination he was sent to the West Indies where he devoted himself to missionary work among the slaves. He called himself “the slave of slaves.” For more than forty years he served them in the capacity of apostle, father, physician, and friend. Forty thousand Negroes received baptism through his zeal.

His seed shall be mighty upon the earth: the generation of the righteous shall be blessed. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
When thou shalt arrive thus far, that tribulation shall be sweet to thee, and thou shalt relish it for the love of Christ, then think that it is well with thee, for thou hast found a paradise upon earth.
He labored in the West Indies, became a saint working with people who were savages; who scarcely had intelligence enough to know he was living for them.
Train yourself to do good to others for God’s sake and be prepared to be met with ingratitude. If you can stand up under a lack of appreciation when you mean to be very kind, you have one good mark of sanctity.
All for the greater honor and glory of God. — St. Peter Claver’s Motto