St. Peter Damian February 23

Orphaned at an early age, St. Peter was treated so cruelly by his elder brother that a younger brother sent him to the University of Parma where he acquired great distinction. He was adviser to seven popes in succession and was sent on the most delicate and difficult missions.

In the midst of the congregation did the Lord open His mouth and filled him with the spirit of wisdon and understanding. — Eight Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
I am He that in an instant elevateth the humble mind to comprehend more reasons of the eternal truth than if anyone had studied ten years in the schools. I teach without noise of words, without confusion of opinions, without ambition of honor, without strife of arguments.
A poor abused orhpan, St. Peter Damian became one of the most brilliant students at the University of Parma. Later he was called upon by seven popes in succession to help them in important decisions. Best of all, and most important, he became a saint.
Persons who continually lament that they have no chance and they wish this and they hope that, never get anywhere. Do as St. Ignatius suggested “Pray as if all depended upon God alone, and work as if all depended upon you alone.”
He who only hopes is hopeless.