St. Peter of Alcantara — Confessor October 19

St. Peter was a Franciscan. His penances were extraordinary. After his death he appeared to St. Teresa and said: “0 blessed penitence which has earned for me such great glory.”

Brethren, the things that were gain to me, the same I have counted loss for Christ. — Epistle, Philippians 3

The Imitation of Christ
Hold fast this short and perfect word: “Forsake all, and thou shalt find all; relinquish desire, and thou shalt find rest.”
Whenever a saint is said to have been a confessor, that means that he lived a holy life, but did not die a martyr. It does not always mean that he was a confessor as we usually think of that term. Today’s saint was both, a holy man who did not die a martyr and a confessor as we understand that term. He was the confessor of the lovely St. Teresa you know so well from four days back.
St. Peter was responsible for the sanctity of St. Teresa to the extent that he helped her on toward a greater love for God. By touching your cap when you pass a church, or by making a careful sign of the cross or genuflecting very devoutly, you may inspire someone to do the same; you become responsible for the act of virtue that person subsequently makes when he copies you.
That men may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. — Our Lord