St. Peter of Verona — Martyr April 29

St. Peter was a Dominican who preached against the heretics of Lombardy and converted many. Once when exhorting a vast crowd in the burning sun, the heretics defied him to secure shade. St. Peter prayed and a cloud overshadowed the audience, thus proving his Creator’s protection.

May the Sacraments of which we have partaken defend Thy faithful people, O Lord, and by the intercession of blessed Peter, Thy martyr, insure them safety against all the attacks of their enemies. — Postcommunion

The Imitation of Christ
Do, Lord, as Thou sayest, and let all wicked thoughts fly from before Thy face.
Born of heretical parents, Peter became a Dominican and spent his life working against the heretics. It is said that he never committed a grievous sin. People who claim to know far more than they really do know, will tell you that it is impossible to go through life without grievous sin. Know from the example of this saint and, God grant, from your own life, that it is possible with God’s help which we can obtain through prayer.
Listen carefully to every bit of instruction given you, study your lessons well, when you are told of some weakness of character you have, be grateful and set about trying to strengthen your character along those lines, that, like Cyrano de Bergerac, you may carry unsullied to God’s throne the white banner of your virtue.
If any man love Me, My Father will love him and We will come and dwell there.