St. Peter's Chait at Antioch February 22

Before St. Peter went to Rome he founded the See of Antioch, the capital city of the East at that time. Realizing that Rome was a better center, geographically and politically, St. Peter left Antioch and went to Rome.

In the honor which is this day paid to the inauguration of the first Bishop’s throne, an honor is paid to the office of all bishops. — Matins, Sixth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
Let all exercices of tribulation become lovely and most desirable to me for Thy name’s sake; for to suffer and to be afflicted for Thee is very healthful for my soul.
A fisherman with no education, but with intense love of God, and continually striving to make himself more and more lihe his Master, St. Peter saw with an inspired eye what would be to the advantage of the Church.
Students sometimes are afflicted with the notion that they know so much better than their elders what is proper and what should and what should not be done, etc. Are you such? Pray for some of St. Peter’s simple faith today.
Lord that I may see!