St. Peter's Chair At Rome January 18

In making Rome mistress of the world, Divine Providence was preparing all things for the spread of Christianity. St. Peter saw that the capital of the world’s empire was a strategic point from which might radiate the beneficent influence of the Gospel. It was at Rome, therefore, that he established his pontifical chair.

Thou art the Sheherd of the sheep, and the Prince of the Apostles, and unto thee hath God given all the kingdoms of the world. Therefore unto thee hath He given the keys of the kingdom of heaven. — Third Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation, saith the Lord.
Perhaps you know people who can trace the descent of their family back through several hundred years, and can boast of great women and men who are their ancestors. What are a few hundred years, and a few great mortals in the ancestral line? As a Catholic, you may boast of a family that goes back two thousand years, and numbers countless men and women saints, and best of all, Christ Himself as head of the famiily.
Say the Creed today just as devoutly as you can and then ask to sing the Holy God at assembly in thanksgiving for the gift of faith. Tonight, in your night prayers say an Our Father with special attention to “Thy kingdom come.”
Thy kingdom come!