St. Pius I — Pope and Marty July 11

This saintly Pope prescribed that the Feast of the Resurrection should be kept only on a Sunday which then became the center and king of all the Sundays. He did much to beautify the churches of Rome.

The Lord made to him a covenant of peace, and made him a prince; that the dignity of priesthood should be to him forever. — Introit

The Imitation of Christ
Put thy whole trust in God, and let Him be thy fear and thy love. He will answer for thee, and will graciously do for thee as shall be best.
Like the Good Shepherd this Pope gave his life for his flock. He made every effort to have Sunday kept as the Lord’s Day.
Do you look upon Sunday as a day for a good time or as a day to be given the Lord? There is nothing wrong about having a good time provided you have given God what He asks of you by way of Sunday observance.
Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.