St. Pius V May 5

It was through the prayers of this Holy Pontiff to the Mother of God that the Christian forces were victorious over the Ottoman forces at Lepanto. He was famous for his intrepid defense of the Church’s faith and discipline, and for the spotless purity of his own life.

His glory is great in Thy salvation: Honor and great majesty shalt Thou lay upon him. — Third Nocturn: Psalm 20

The Imitation of Christ
If there be joy in the world, truly the man of pure heart possesseth it.
An energetic, particularly energetic Pope was Pius V. Everything that concerned the Church, especially divine worship, was of interest to him.
If you have not a Missal, ask your teacher if some could be ordered for the class and get one. Nowhere else will you find the beauty that is to be found in the Liturgy. While Cecil De Mille was making the film “King of Kings” he witnessed a Holy Mass, and said he had never witnessed anything half so exquiste.
Rather one day on Thy courts, O Lord, than to dwell among thousands.