St. Porphyry — Bishop February 26

In spite of physical ailments, St. Porphyry visited the Holy Places every day. Following Divine inspiration he sold his property and gave the proceeds to the poor. In reward God restored him to perfect health. He became a priest and was intrusted with the relics of the True Cross.

Let Thy priests, Lord, be clothed with justice, and let Thy saints rejoice: for Thy servant David’s sake, turn not away the face of the anointed. — Introit

The Imitation of Christ
I have received, from Thy hand, the Cross; I will bear it, and bear it even unto death, as Thou hast laid it upon me.
God always rewards almost immediately those who, like the widow in the Gospel, give much of their little in alms to God. Suppose that our Lord came about your street and held out His hand for alms, and you had a dime you were on your way to spend for ice cream; what would you do?
Do not say “If I had about a million dollars, I’d give a few thousand to have the church decorated or to build a new one or to help some poor missionaries.” You don’t need a million, if you have little give of that, but cheerfully, appreciating the honor of being allowed to assist God with His own gift to you.
Almsgiving pays the largest rate of interest on the investment.