St. Praxedes — Virgin July 21

This saint, a daughter of the Roman Senator, Pudens, consecrated her virginity to God and gave her wealth to the poor and to the Church. Shocked by the terrible things she saw under the Emperor Antonius, she begged God to deliver her from this life. Her prayer was answered.

Graciously hear us, God of our salvation, and grant that we who keep with joy the festival of Blessed Praxedes, Thy virgin, may by our feeling of loving devotion, advance in our knowledge of Thee. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Rejoice, ye humble, and be glad, ye poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God — if, at least, you walk in truth.
St. Praxedes and St. Prudentiana were sisters. Though they might have enjoyed all those things which were offered the wealthy Roman, they preferred to be poor for Christ’s sake and live holy and mortified lives. St. Praxedes sighed for death since it meant deliverance of earthly misery and union with God.
Suppose you were to die today. Are you ready?
Death will come as a thief in the night.