Ss. Primus and Felician — Martyrs June 9

Primus and Felician were Romans. Brothers by blood, they became brothers still more when they were called upon to testify to their Faith. After having been tortured, they were led to the amphitheater, but the lions who were to devour them crouched at their feet. They were beheaded.

Feast of the Mother of Divine Grace.

This is the true brotherhood which overcame the wickedness of the world; it followed Christ, attaining the noble kingdom of heaven. Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
He who would be too secure in the time of peace will often be found too much dejected in the time of war.
Felician was nailed to a tree through hands and feet and left thus for three days. Since this did not end his life, he was beheaded.
Should this kind of persecution arise what would you do? If you have a chance to cheat in a test what do you do? Suppose you sit behind a student who always knows his work, do you ever copy?
He that is faithless in little is faithless in that which is great.