St. Raphael — Archangel October 24

St. Raphael, a name meaning “God heals,” was sent by God to cure Tobias. He is one of the seven spirits who always stand before the Lord and offer Him the incense of their adoration and that of men.

May the angel Raphael, physician of our salvation, help us from the heights of heaven, heal all diseases and guide our faltering steps toward the true life. — Hymn at Lauds

The Imitation of Christ
Lo! heaven and earth, which Thou hast created for the service of man, stand prepared, and daily perform whatsoever Thou hast commanded. And this is but little; for Thou hast also created and appointed angels for the service of man.
About this time in September we had St. Michael. Raphael is the angel who accompanied Tobias on his journey. He is a patron of travelers, and as we are all travelers through life, it is well to call on St. Raphael, especially when we are about to make important decisions.
Say a prayer today to St. Raphael for the grace to know your vocation in life and also a prayer for the grace of perseverance in God’s grace.
He hath given his angels charge over thee.