St. Richard of Chichester April 3

As Bishop of Chichester, St. Richard showed himself a zealous shepherd of souls. The strict economy of his own household enabled him to give abundant alms. He had great charity for the sick and the poor. He often excused the debts of those who owed him money.

At the point of death he caused an image of Christ suffering to be brought to him, and commended his soul to his Redeemer. — Matins, Sixth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
Love often knoweth no measure, but groweth fervent above all measure.
A successful farmer, then a learned priest, then a bishop, finally chancellor to the king, Richard was all kindness to those in need, but stood like a wall against the king when the latter encroached on the rights of the Church.
St. Richard had lived so careful a life that people came to feel that when Richard was doing a thing, it was right. Do your classmates ever think of you in such terms? For instance, when there is question of a movie, and they are not so certain whether the picture is good morally or not, does your going or not going mean to them that it is good or otherwise, because you are the kind of person who has high standards and live up to them?
So let your light shine before men.