St. Robert of Newminster June 7

As abbot, St. Robert guided his monks more by his example than by his words. Once when he was about to accept a dispensation from the rule, he refrained from doing so lest he might scandalize his brethren. Our Lord in person accepted his sacrifice.

Grant, then, that we, O gracious God,

May follow in the steps he trod;

And freed from every stain of sin,

As he hath won, may also win.

— Lauds: Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
They were given for an example to all religious; and ought more to excite us to advance in good, than the number of the lukewarm induce us to grow remiss.
St. Robert became the abbot of a large monastery, where his example served to retain all the monks in good discipline.
Your companions dislike being preached at as much as you do, but if they see you doing your duty and attending to your duty as you should they will be inspired to do the same. If you hustle about this evening at home, somebody will ask “Why the rush?” If you inform them that you are trying to get to Mass each morning during June, and doing a bit of the morning work ahead of time, you will be spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart.
Actions speak louder than words.