St. Romuald — Abbot February 7

St. Romuald entered a monastery to do penance for a murder his father had committed. He became a monk and founded the order of Camaldolese.

God worked miracles by him both during his life and after his death, and likewise gave him the gift of prophecy. Like the Patriarch Jacob, he saw a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, and men in white garments ascending and descending upon it, in whom he marvelously knew were represented the monks of the Camaldolese Institute, of which he was the founder. — Matins, Sixth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
From a pure heart proceedeth the fruit of a good life.
Doing penance for a crime his father committed was largely responsible for making this saint very holy.
If you have not already adopted the practice, do so by offering or asking our Lady to offer the Precious Blood of her Son to the Heavenly Father that one mortal sin may be prevented this night. Do that each evening.
He that shall convert one sinner from his evil way, shall save his own soul from death.