St. Rose of Viterbo — Virgin September 4

Even as a child this saint was directed by divine grace in a wonderful manner. To defend the Church’s rights was her burning wish. This wish found triumphant fulfillment when Pope Innocent IV was brought back to Rome.

Grace is poured abroad in the lips: therefore hath God blessed thee forever and ever. — Offertory: Psalm 44

The Imitation of Christ
Beyond all hope hast Thou shown mercy to Thy servant; and beyond all desert hast Thou manifested Thy grace and friendship.
St. Rose was extraordinary. As a young child, she preached to hundreds of people the message of penance and love of God. A good virtuous life on your part preaches a surer sermon than any words.
Be so quiet and gentle about your work today that your fellow students in the classroom may be inspired to do likewise.
God is not in the whirlwind. — Holy Scripture