St. Severianus — Bishop and Martyr February 21

Because he refused to accept the Eutychian heresy, St. Severianus was seized, dragged out of the city, and martyred.

Martyr of unconquered might,

Follower of the Incarnate Son!

Who, victorious in the fight,

Hast celestial glory won.

— Lauds, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
Lift up, therefore, thy face to heaven; behold I and all My saints with Me, who in this world have had a great conflict, now rejoice, are comforted now, are now secure, are now at rest; and they shall for all eternity abide with Me in the kingdom of My Father.
These persecutors did the saint a great favor when they put him to death; they sent him to heaven by the shortest possible route.
The Little Flower of Jesus, St. Therese, became a saint by seeing in everything that happened to her an opportunity for growing in merit before God. As long as we must endure certain disagreeable situations anyway, we might as well be philosophic and “fool the devil” and let those very hardships help us to heaven.
To them that love God all things work together unto good.