St. Simplicius — Pope March 2

St. Simplicius reigned during a stormy period in the history of the Church. The West was in the hands of barbarian hordes; the East was torn by heresy. No sacrifice was too great for this pontiff in his effort to restore peace and unity.

Thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchisedech This is the priest whom the Lord hath crowned.

The Imitation of Christ
We ought rather to choose to have the whole world against us than to offend Jesus.
When Rome was besieged by barbarians, this Pope set about doing “good to his enemies” as our Lord had said we should, and converted many to Christianity. When the East also made inroads on Rome, he did the same there, thus turning the efforts of the Evil One against himself.
When you are tempted today to “fly off the handle,” walk very slowly and do not talk at all, take out your books very deliberately and say to the Tempter: “Not this time, if you please.”
Make of yourselves a pleasing sight before the angels and men.