St. Sophia and her daughters Fides, Spes and Charitas August 1

St. Sophia, with her three daughters, was offered a handsome reward if she would renounce the Catholic Faith and induce her three daughters to do the same. But they all preferred death to apostasy.

Ye wise virgins, trim your lamps: behold the Bridegroom cometh, go forth to meet Him. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
I am accustomed to visit My elect in two ways; namely, by trial and by consolation.
We admire heroism in adults, but heroism in mere children gives us a decided thrill. God sometimes uses very weak instruments to show forth the might of His power. Today’s feast reminds us that God will do great things there where He finds great love.
How often do you put obstacles in the way of the operation of Divine Grace? Listen attentively today to every inspiration to do good. Every inspiration is a personal message from God and a stepping stone to greater things.
Opportunity may knock but once.