St. Soter and St. Caius — Popes, Martyrs April 22

By the sweetness of his discourses, St. Soter comforted all persons with the tenderness of a father, and assisted the indigent with liberal alms, especially those who suffered for the Faith. Caius, whose relics are kept in the sanctuary of St. Sylvester at Rome, governed the Church a century later and was put to death in 296.

O ye saints and righteous, rejoice in the Lord. Alleluia! God hath chosen you for His own inheritance. — Vespers

The Imitation of Christ
For divine charity overcometh all, and enlargeth all the powers of the soul.
Each of these saints was a Pope and gave his life for his Faith. But you know what Sir Galahad said: “If I shall lose my life, I shall find it,’ meaning that if one gives one’s physical life for the cause of God, one finds eternal life.
Have you ever heard your father, perhaps, or your elder brother talking about different employers in town and saying, “He’s a fine boss, he pays his men well”? And everybody likes to work for such an employer. No employer on earth pays as high wages as God does. For the least service, He has Himself promised “a hundredfold.” Work for Him only, regardless of who your intermediate foremen are.
Thousands at His bidding speed o’er land and sea without fail.