St. Tarachus and Companions October 11

Three times the young men in this group were tortured for their faith. When they were thrown into a cage with wild beasts, the animals crouched at their feet. Gladiators were ordered to put the saints to death.

Therefore shall they receive a kingdom of glory and a crown of beauty at the hand of the Lord: for with His right hand He will cover them, and with His holy arm He will defend them. — Epistle, Wisdom 5

The Imitation of Christ
A good life maketh a man wise according to God, and giveth great experience.
Have you ever noticed how much alike a crowd of boys soon become? Either they get like their “gang” or they keep away from them, St. Tarachus was the ringleader of a wonderful crowd. They all became just like their leader or he would not have them about.
Either you are like your crowd or your crowd is like you. Which? Have you ever seen one of these mantel mottoes that reads “Christ is the silent listener to every conversation?” Watch your conversation today so that anything you say or to which you listen might meet with approval by Christ.
“The mouth speaketh the fullness of the heart.”