St. Teresa — Virgin October 15

St. Teresa is the only woman who bears the title Doctor of the Church. She converted thousands by her prayers. The Infant Jesus appeared to her and called Himself Jesus of Teresa.

Graciously hear us, God Our Savior; that as we rejoice in the festival of Thy blessed virgin Teresa, so we may be fed with the food of her heavenly teaching and grow in loving devotion towards Thee. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Drink of the chalice of the Lord lovingly, if thou desirest to have part with Him.
St. Teresa of Spain is the kind of saint you must know very well. There are so many lovely things in her life. Bring a Life of St. Teresa to your teacher and ask to have it read in class, or look up the life yourself and ask to tell it to the class. She is one of the most interesting persons in heaven, and you must know all about her.
The outstanding feature about St. Teresa is her intense love for our Lord. When you think very much of anybody, you feel you can’t do enough for them. St. Teresa felt that way toward our Lord. She wanted never to die, but to live on and suffer real pain of every kind to prove her love for Christ. Don’t express even one complaint today, but watch for opportunities to do things you find rather hard to do and offer them as proofs of your love for our Savior. Perhaps you are not very brave.
But the greatest of these is charity (love). — St. Paul