St. Thecla — Virgin and Martyr September 23

St. Thecla sacrificed wealth and honor and the offer of a brilliant marriage to work for the spread of the Gospel. She suffered martyrdom under Nero. The intercession of St. Thecla is invoked in the prayers of the dying.

Receive, O Lord, the offerings which we bring on the festival of St. Thecla, Thy virgin and martyr, by whose intercession we hope to be dlivered. — Secret

The Imitation of Christ
Happy hour, when Jesus calleth thee from tears to joy of spirit.
Roman princes thought to win this wealthy young lady by flattery or to frighten her by their threats. She stood firm in her convictions, nor gave in the least bit from what she considered the right thing.
Whether a fellow student or the Tempter or your own human nature try to divert you from the path of duty today “stand by your guns” and do what you should — that is, if you have as much courage as this little girl Thecla.
Know you’re right; then go ahead. — Anonymous