St. Theodore — Martyr October 23

Rather than make a compromise in matters of religion, St. Theodoret suffered a cruel martyrdom. He threatened his judge with the judgment of God. A little later the judge died.

For thou hast prevented him with blessings of sweetness

Thou hast set on his head a crown of precious stone.

— Introit, Psalm 20

The Imitation of Christ
No man is fit to comprehend heavenly things who hath not resigned himself to suffer adversities for Christ.
St. Theodoret died for his faith. You may never be called upon to die for your faith, but you are expected each day to live for it.
If your neighbors did not know you are a Catholic, is there anything about your life that would lead them to surmise as much? Be very careful about your conduct on the street and among people. A Catholic is always under very severe scrutiny. You can be a missionary without going into foreign parts.
Thy kingdom come. — The Our Father